Soft Yes

What is a soft yes?

A tepid agreement

A soft yes is a "yes" to a question that comes with some caveats, similar to a "maybe." For example, people who give soft yesses to questions cannot commit fully at the time, which means their answer has a higher chance of changing.

Frequently, you will receive a soft yes from a person when scheduling a gathering, event, etc. together, and they have to check their schedule before fully committing (giving a hard yes). For example, your friend may give you a soft yes about going to a movie tonight because she still has to check if it's OK with her parents.

The opposite of a soft yes is a "hard no." For example, if you are adamant that you will not be able to do something, you can give a "hard no" or a hard pass.


U wanna go out to eat tomorrow night?
Soft yes until I check with Brian
Soft yes on a trade possibility
Soft yes on a trade possibility

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Updated May 19, 2022

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