Soft Saving

What is the soft saving trend?

Saving less money for the future to live more in the present

Soft saving is a popular trend among Gen Zers, where a person saves less money for the future to allocate more money to live in the present. The trend originates from soft life, a way of living that prioritizes experiencing joy now instead of working away your life to have more savings when older.

For many Americans, working and proving yourself productive is a tenet of life. However, to push back on that mantra and achieve a balanced lifestyle, many Gen Zers have chosen to prioritize their current quality of life instead of delaying it for a heftier payout in the future.

For example, an American who is soft saving may choose to travel to Europe in their twenties instead of putting that money away and *possibly* traveling there when retired. Or, they may choose to go out to eat at highly-rated restaurants instead of saving money by cooking at home.

Soft saving is not always related to material purchases. For example, a soft saver may spend extra money on a therapist to assist their mental health instead of saving it. Or, they may just work less to reduce their stress instead of working more to save more.


Keiran is soft saving, so he can still afford to go to New Zealand later this year
Cool. I'm glad he can experience these adventures now. You never know what tomorrow brings
Soft saving is especially common among Gen Zers and became a trend on TikTok
Soft saving is especially common among Gen Zers and became a trend on TikTok

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Updated May 3, 2023

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