KK has 3 meanings
1. What does kk mean?


Means the same thing as "OK," or "k;" often used to mean "OK" in Australia.


KK, I'll see you at 6:00!

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Updated April 11, 2013
2. What does KK stand for?

Kiss kiss

In texts from your BFF and SO, KK might stand for "kiss kiss." This playful acronym is typically used at a message's end, as a way of saying goodbye to someone you love.

Kiss kiss can also be represented by XX. XX, however, typically represents a couple KOTLs, while KK represents a couple blown kisses or KOTCs.


Luv ya! KK!

Among affectionate friends and lovers, KK means "kiss kiss"

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Updated December 17, 2020
3. What is kk short for?

K, kewl

Kk is an abbreviation for "k, kewl", which in itself is an abbreviation for "okay, cool." It is typically used online or in text messages to respond in the affirmative to another person's message.

The abbreviation is typically only used by teenagers, which means adults may struggle with understanding the response. You may just want to go with "cool" or "sure" to avoid confusion.


I'll be there around 7 to pick you up.

Abed is all about kk

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Updated February 21, 2018

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