What does it mean when a device is e-ok?

Electronically OK

E-ok is when a device is properly functioning electronically. It is similar to the "a-ok" saying uttered when everything is well but replaces the "a" with an "e," which stands for "electronically."

When do I use e-ok?

You can use e-ok whenever you describe the working condition of an electronic device online, in text messages, or in person. Examples of devices include computers, phones, tablets, modems, routers, TVs, and kitchen appliances.

IT professionals and enthusiasts are the most common users of e-ok, but the term is uncommon outside of those user groups. Be judicious about who you send it to because they will most likely not understand what it means.


The router is E-OK, so it must be the software settings that need to be changed

When the computer is e-ok

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Updated May 19, 2021

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