What does solulu mean on social media?


On social media, solulu is shorthand for "solution." You're most likely to encounter this abbreviation within the phrase "delulu is the solulu," in TikToks discussing people's attempts to achieve their goals.

What does "delulu is the solulu" mean?

In late 2023, many TikTokers decided that being a little delulu (delusional) could be a good thing, if doing so helped them achieve their dreams. For example, a TikToker opening a bakery might delude themself into believing their business is fated to succeed. In theory, this TikToker's delulu mindset will give them the confidence needed to make their belief a reality.

In this way, delulu became the solulu for TikTokers looking to overcome their fears and live their best lives. As more and more TikTokers shared stories of their "positive" delusions, the phrase "delulu is the solulu" went viral across TikTok and other platforms.


How do you have so much self-confidence?
A little delulu is the solulu, my friend
A TikToker discussing the "delulu is the solulu" trend
A TikToker discussing the "delulu is the solulu" trend

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Updated November 15, 2023

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