What is a stimmy?

Stimulus check

A stimmy is a stimulus check, which is a payment to U.S. citizens given by the government to help them cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It became popular online, especially on social media near the end of 2020 when the government approved a second round of stimulus checks. Many Twitter users shared memes to detail their excitement and anticipation for the $600 stimmy to arrive.

Most people that use the stimmy abbreviation are young adults that are strapped for cash or just looking to get extra spending money. The main reason for the stimulus checks is to help middle- and lower-income citizens make ends meet, whether it be for food, rent/mortgages, or other bills.

Stimmy is one of many terms related to COVID-19. Some other examples include covid, panny, rona, quar, corona bump, and quaranfifteen.


I've been checking my account all day and still no stimmy!!!
Stimmy shopping spree
Stimmy shopping spree

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Updated January 4, 2021

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