What does SYL stand for?

See you later

When someone sends you "SYL," they are saying "see you later." People often send it at the end of a conversation (convo) online or via text message.

SYL is an informal way of saying goodbye that may also be sent as "CUL" or "CUL8R." When someone sends SYL, they typically plan to talk to or see the recipient again soon - either online or IRL.

An example of when you might send it includes parting with a fellow gamer after a match while knowing that you will most likely play with them again. Or, you might text "syl" to your BFF when you have to enter a work meeting.

Also, if you want to be playful, add an "A" to the end of it to make "SYLA," which stands for "see you later alligator."


It was fun chatting. SYL!
An adorable SYL
An adorable SYL

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Updated November 15, 2021

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