What does AAWC stand for?

After a while, crocodile

AAWC is another way to say "after a while, crocodile" when parting with someone. Many people use it as a common response to "see you later alligator" (SYLA).

Where did AAWC come from?

People began using AAWC in the 2000s as a shortcut for the "after a while crocodile" saying, which was established as a playful parting at the time. It was coined to reduce the characters that needed to be typed as people adjusted to chatting online and texting via cell phones.

When do I use AAWC?

You can use AAWC in texts, emails, or online. Although you may use it to be playful whenever you are parting with someone, it really only makes sense when replying to a person who just sent SYLA.


It was good talking with you, SYLA


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Updated June 1, 2021

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