What does SYS stand for?

See you soon

SYS is a quick way to let people know you will see them soon, whether online or in person. Most people use SYS in text messages or online when messaging or emailing.

Soon is a relative term, so you may use it when you are about to see someone in several minutes, hours, or days. Typically you don't go beyond a week out.

Some examples of when you might send SYS include when messaging online on a laptop at a coffee shop with a person who will be joining you in person briefly, or when you are texting your friend and about to arrive at the theater to watch a movie together. Or, you may be emailing your brother and about to do a video call with him.

SYS is just one way to tell someone you will see them soon. Other options include "CUS," "TTYS," "TTYVS," and "TTYIAM."


Bye mom and dad, SYS!

I'm leaving now but will SYS!

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Updated August 31, 2021

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