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1. What does CUS stand for?

See you soon

If you are ending a conversation with someone but will see them soon, send them "CUS." You can use it online when messaging or emailing, or in text messages.

Nowadays, you can see someone in person, via a video call, when gaming online, or when messaging online. You can use CUS for any of these situations. And since "soon" is a relative term, so you may use it when you are about to see someone in several minutes, hours, or days.

Some examples of when you might send CUS include when texting with a person you are about to game with online, or messaging online with a friend who is meeting you at a restaurant later in the day. You might also be emailing your daughter's teacher and are about to video conference with them about your daughter's grades.

CUS is one of many options for telling someone you will see them soon. Other options include "SYS," "TTYS," "TTYVS," and "TTYIAM."


Thanks for chatting, CUS!

DJ Khaled will CUS

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Updated August 31, 2021
2. What is cus short for?


Cus is one of many abbreviations for "because," along with "cuz," "bc," "cz," "bcz," and "bcos." People typically use it in emails, texts, and online messages.

The abbreviation is particularly helpful when quickly trying to explain the reasoning behind something. For example, you may be describing why you don't like guacamole in a text, and you say, "cus it tastes nasty." Or, you might say in a DM, "I don't like Chad cus he's a big turd."

In the "cus" abbreviation, the "s" is meant to be pronounced with a "z" sound (otherwise it would be pronounced as "cuss"). If you find this confusing, you should use the more common "cuz" abbreviation instead.


He said he wanted to break up cus he found someone hotter
Wow, what a jerk!
Sadness cus Facebook is down
Sadness cus Facebook is down

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Updated October 4, 2021

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