What does TTYIAM stand for?

Talk to you in a minute

If you are parting briefly with someone online or when texting, send "TTYIAM." The acronym is a more specific variation of the common TTYL acronym.

Examples of when you might use TTYIAM include when you are messaging online at your computer and about to meet in person or when you are texting your friend and about to arrive at their house. If you don't want to be so specific you can instead send TTYIAB, TTYVS, or TTYS.

While most TTY acronyms actually mean that you will talk to them at some point, you may also use TTYN if you are really mad at someone and never want to talk to them again.


Got ur text, I'll ttyiam
Tweet using TTYIAM
Tweet using TTYIAM

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Updated August 10, 2021

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