BAC has 2 meanings
1. What does BAC stand for?

Bad a** chick


An acronym that is utilized to describe a tough female; similar to BA but more gender specific; meant as a compliment; said to a person that most likely rides a motorcycle, wears a lot of black, or has a tat or two.


You see her pull up on our harley? She is a BAC, fo sho

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Updated April 15, 2016
2. What does BAC stand for in online chat?

Back at computer

Someone who has been AFK for a bit might use BAC to mean "back at computer." This acronym signals the person has not only returned, but is ready to chat with you again.

Chatters like to use BAC and its cousin, BAK, because they both look and sound extremely similar to "back." Thus, they're understandable to most users, while also being slightly cheeky.


Sorry, I had to get something to eat. BAC now
No worries, I just played one without you

A man who is excited to be BAC

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Updated May 31, 2023

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