What does TFTI stand for?

Thanks for the information

When you receive a piece of information from someone online or in a text, you can send them "TFTI," which stands for "thanks for the information." The information may be someone's phone number (digits), the name of a potential employer, the details (deets) of a personal situation, etc.

People created TFTI in the late-1990s as they began using mobile phones and messaging online more often. It allowed people to quickly thank others for sharing helpful information in a time of need.

When do I use TFTI?

An example of when you might send TFTI is when you are gaming, and a teammate shares the location of loot that you can acquire. Or, if your mom texts you information about your cousin's troubled marriage before you attend a large family gathering, you might text "TFTI" to thank her for helping you not stick your foot in your mouth.

While most people use TFTI sincerely, some may use it sarcastically when hearing information they didn't want to know. These situations are known as "TMI" times where you are disgusted, turned off, etc., by the information shared.


TFTI, I'll get back to you with a response later

Snitches are well aware of the TFTI acronym

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Updated December 8, 2021

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