TA has 2 meanings
1. What does TA stand for?

Teaching assistant

In education, a TA is a "teaching assistant." While TA can refer to any sort of teaching assistant, it typically refers to a graduate student who assists a college professor with their teaching courseload.

TAs assist teachers by handling some classroom sessions, grading homework, tutoring students, and holding office hours. Often, TAs are themselves looking to become teachers - and working as a TA provides them with practice.


Ugh, my TA this semester is hardly any help. He seems to care more about his graduate studies than helping anyone
A college student looking to become a TA
A college student looking to become a TA

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Updated October 12, 2022
2. What does TA stand for?

Thanks again

People who include TA in a message may be saying "thanks again." This acronym is a quick way to thank someone who did something kind for you.

You're most likely to receive TA from someone who has already thanked you for something nice you did. TA is that person's (brief) way of re-expressing their gratitude, and letting you know they really did appreciate that thing you did for them. (No, really. They did!)


TA for having us over to dinner last night!
Loved having you! Let's do it again soon

TA means "thanks again"

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Updated October 6, 2022

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