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1. What is tx short for?


People send "tx" when messaging online and in texts to thank someone for doing something helpful. It is the fastest way to abbreviate "thanks" but is more commonly written thx.

You might encounter tx when a friend messages you, "Tx for helping out tonight. U R da best!." Or a date texts you at the end of the night, "I had a great time this evening, tx!"

Since tx is rather uncommon, people may not understand what it means, which may lead to confusion. Thx and TY is much more widely recognized.


Tx for dinner last night. I had a great time

A friendly tx

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Updated February 9, 2022
2. What is Tx short for in computing?


Tx is a technical abbreviation that refers to data transmitted from one device to another. People may use it to refer to many types of data transmission, whether from an audio device to a BlueTooth speaker or from a server to another computer connected to the network.

Computing professionals often utilize Tx (or tx), especially ones monitoring data networks. However, amateur technology users may also use the abbreviation. For example, a radio hobbyist configuring a device's transmitter and receiver circuits may refer to the transmitted signal as Tx.

When you see Tx, you will most likely also see Rx, an abbreviation for data received by a device. Tx and Rx have an inverse relationship where data considered to be Tx by the sending source is viewed as Rx by the receiving source.


I can't work fast enough with a max 100 Mbps Tx rate!

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Updated February 23, 2022

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