The Ick

What is the ick in dating?

A feeling of disgust for your significant other

Those who find their current SO abhorrent may say they've got "the ick." Usually, the ick develops suddenly, in response to a partner's bad behavior, habits, or mannerisms. It is a feeling of disgust and unease that you can't quite shake, no matter how you rationalize your partner's behavior.

At times, the ick may develop subconsciously, as a result of red flags that your conscious mind has not yet processed. In these cases, the ick might seem like it's leading you astray. But in most cases, it's best to trust the ick.


So I'm sitting with Sean today, and I got the ick! Like just looking at him repulsed me
Any idea why?
Not a clue!

TMW you get the ick

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Updated September 14, 2023

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