The Rachel

What is The Rachel haircut?

Voluminous shoulder-length haircut

The Rachel is a haircut popularized by the fictional character Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) from the TV show Friends. The style features shoulder-length layered hair that combines shag and bob haircuts and frames the face.

Origin of The Rachel

The slang term "The Rachel" originated in 1994 as fans of the TV show flocked to their stylists for the rest of the 1990s to get the same do as Rachel. The character sported the style through season 3, and after that, the haircut's popularity eventually waned.

However, The Rachel made a comeback in the 2020s on social media as Gen Zers sported the style as 1990s fashion returned. Now, there are several variations of The Rachel as it has been "modernized" with several tweaks.


My mom laughed when I told her that I wanted to get The Rachel cause she got it too back in the 90s
Eww. Now I don't want to get it
Jennifer Aniston with The Rachel haircut
Jennifer Aniston with The Rachel haircut

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Updated February 22, 2023

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