What is thru short for?


Thru is a common abbreviation that is short for "through," and is more of a phonetic spelling of the word. It is used in a variety of contexts, including text messages, online, emails, on signs, and handwritten notes.

The abbreviation is often used by people of all ages in the United States to save time and space. Part of the reason it became so popular is due to its adoption as the preferred spelling of "drive-thru," which is an expedited method of delivering a product where the customer can remain in his car and still receive his good or service. Drive-thrus are commonly associated with fast-food restaurants, as well as banks, stores, and pharmacies.

It is one of many abbreviations that replaces "gh" spellings with a simpler, oftentimes more phonetic variation. Some other examples include "nite," "tonite," "thot," "mite," "hi," and "fite."

Even though the abbreviation is commonly used, it still should not be used in professional or formal contexts, such as business proposals or academic papers. It should only be used in informal situations.


Sorry u had to go thru that

Thru means through

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Updated December 16, 2020

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