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1. What is c short for?


Hopefully, it's pretty easy to c why c can stand for "see." In addition to being used on its own, c is used to mean "see" in other chat and text acronyms, such as IC and cya.

While s can also stand for "see," such as in the acronyms SYS and IYSWIM, s never means "see" when used on its own. So if you want to replace the word "see" in a sentence, you should definitely use c.


Do u c what I'm saying?

C often means "see"

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Updated May 21, 2021
2. What does C stand for?


A baseball position that crouches behind home plate and catches the ball thrown by the pitcher; works with the pitcher to call different types and locations of pitches; one of the most important positions in baseball.


Jason Varitek was my fav C cuz he played with such passion

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Updated October 8, 2014

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