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1. What does HT mean in messages?

Hi there

HT is a quick way to greet someone in a message, whether in a DM, text, etc. For example, a friend may text you, "HT, just wanted to let you know that you are gonna kill your interview today!"

People use HT to be friendly, whether they are joining a conversation or starting one (perhaps they are joining a forum or an online game). For example, you may join a gaming campaign online, "HT! Thanks for letting me join!"

Besides HT, there are many ways to greet people. Other options include Oiy, yo, and sup.


HT, good to see you again
U2! It's been 2 long

Oh, HT!

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Updated October 13, 2023
2. What does HT stand for?

Heard Through

An acronym used on Twitter when posting where you heard some information; often references a person, organization, or a webpage.


HT TechCrunch that Apple released the new iPad today

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Updated June 30, 2014
3. What does HT stand for on Twitter?

Hat Tip

Tweeters use "HT" to give a "hat tip" to another user. This is a way of crediting the other user for providing an idea, comment, or link. For example, if a tweet says "HT to @AwesomeUser for pointing that out," it means the idea in the tweet originally came from @AwesomeUser.

In ye olden days, people tipped their hats at others as a sign of respect. On Twitter, HT is also a sign of respect - because it gives credit to those who originated (or originally shared) an idea.


HT to @SlangBoy for their awesome definition of HT

On Twitter, HT is a virtual hat tip

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Updated June 22, 2022

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