What is Tikbait?

Shallow TikTok content created to get views

Tikbait is shallow content designed solely to attract clicks and views, instead of providing something entertaining or helpful. The term comes from the combination of "TikTok" and "clickbait."

As the TikTok platform grew in popularity during the late-2010s, so did the number of content creators looking to get views. While many influencers attempt to create videos with some value, some creators began posting videos just to get views to increase their following or sell something.

Tikbait typically includes a provocative headline and thumbnail image to get the viewer to click and watch the content. And the content may feature something gimmicky, like an expensive car, or be overtly sexual, like a scantily clad woman.


I can't stand all of this Tikbait flooding my timeline!

Beware of Tikbait

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Updated July 26, 2022

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