What does TISNF stand for?

That is so not fair

When something doesn't seem just or right, you might respond with "TISNF." People often use the acronym in texts and when online messaging or gaming.

For example, if your mom grounds you for not cleaning your room, you might text her back, "TISNF! I have a date tonight!" Or, if you are gaming in an intense match online and your opponent uses an illegal power-up, you might message them, "We said no cheats. TISNF!"

There are other acronyms people use to exclaim about unfairness besides TISNF. Some examples include TISU, TSNF, and the crude BS.


You got a C+ on that paper? TISNF!
I got a D, and I copied yours!

That TISNF feeling

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Updated October 4, 2022

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