Hax has 2 meanings
1. What does hax most often mean in gaming?


Gamers use hax as an alternate spelling of hacks. Typically, players use this abbreviation when accusing other players of cheating at a game, by hacking the game or exploiting a bug.

For example, if you continually defeat another player in an FPS, they might claim you're using hax to get the upper hand. In this case, you may want to respond with a simple "git gud noob" and stop playing against that player.


I swear that guy was using map hax. There's no other way he could have seen me
Maybe he just guessed where you were? It's a pretty common hiding spot

Me when I'm about to apply hax

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Updated May 16, 2023
2. What does hax mean?

To encounter bad luck

Hax means to experience bad luck. It is a gaming term that refers to a highly unlikely event that occurs and alters the outcome of a match in the opponent's favor.

The term is commonly used in Pokémon matches when one player seeming has the game in hand when suddenly the game shifts in the opponent's favor because of dumb luck, like when your Pokémon misses two moves in a row that would have defeated an opponent. When a player gets haxed its common for the player to ragequit because of the combination of shock and anger.


I was 1 move away from winning the match and got haxed. I hate life

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Updated July 12, 2016

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