What is a traumaversary?

Anniversary of a traumatic event

A traumaversary is the anniversary of an event that has caused trauma for a person, such as the loss of a loved one or the day they found out their parents were getting divorced. People typically use the term on social media when sharing about a traumatic event they have experienced and how they are coping.

For example, a person may post on Twitter, "Today is my traumaversary. I've worked through a lot since my dad's unexpected passing, but it still hits me hard." Or, a person may post on Reddit, "How do I deal with a traumaversary?"

People may also use traumaversary jokingly to describe things that were horrifically memorable but not in an actually horrific way. For example, a TV show fan may post about the traumaversary of when a couple in the show they shipped broke up, causing them distress. Or, a person may post the traumaversary of when they saw an incredibly cringe video of celebrities trying to relate with normal people (a la the "Imagine" video by Gal Gadot).


im tryna to keep it together but today is my traumaversary
im so sorry. how can i help?
Traumaversary Reddit post
Traumaversary Reddit post

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Updated September 13, 2023

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