What is a tuddy in football?


In football, fans may playfully refer to a touchdown as a "tuddy" (pronounced "tuh-dee"). It is unclear who coined it but it comes from the pronunciation of "TD," which is shorthand for "touchdown" and became popular in the late 2010s.

You may see tuddy online and in texts or hear the term in real life. For example, fans may discuss the ending of a game on social media, "I can't believe Jefferson scored a tuddy on the last play of the game!" Or your buddy watching the game may remark, "I need Hill to get me just one tuddy to win the league." The NFL team Washington Commanders also has a mascot named "Major Tuddy."


McCaffrey has scored a tuddy in 8 straight games
That man is a beast!
Reddit stat line with a tuddy
Reddit stat line with a tuddy

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Updated December 12, 2023

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