What is td short for?


TD is a common abbreviation in American football that refers to a touchdown. A TD, or td, is worth 6 points and is achieved when a team runs or catches a football in the opposing team's endzone.

You will most likely see td in the context of football statistics. Statisticians, as well as fantasy football leagues, use td to keep track of touchdowns scored by teams and players. You may also encounter the abbreviation online or in text messages when people refer to a scored touchdown.

There are various ways a team can score a td in football. For example, on offense, a player may run the ball into an opposing team's endzone, catch a pass from another player in the opposing team's end zone, or return a kicked ball into an opposing team's endzone. Also, a team may score a td on defense by intercepting a pass or recovering a fumble by the opposing team's offense and getting the ball to the opposing team's endzone.


They were one 5 points down with 11 seconds left and the receiver caught a td pass to win!

Moss catching a td pass from Brady

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Updated July 8, 2021

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