1. What does ballin mean?


Ballin is another way to say that a person is successful, typically financially (they got lots of bread). Along with the wealth comes high status and respect from others.

The term dates back to the 1990s where hip hop culture and sports, particularly basketball and football, merged. Ballers were (and still are) people who could play basketball or football well enough professionally, which also meant that they were rich.

While ballin was especially prominent in the mid-2000s, it is not as common nowadays since slang usage ebbs and flows. However, you may still encounter it, especially in the Black community, when someone is speaking about how successful a person has become, at least in terms of status symbols, like bling, whips, and cribs.


You see Kevin's new crib?
Yeah man, that dude is ballin!

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Updated November 16, 2021
2. What does ballin mean in sports?

Playing sports well

When you are playing a sport incredibly well, you are ballin. The term dates back to the 1990s and typically refers to people who are really good at basketball or football.

Ballin was especially prevalent in the mid-2000s when people commonly used the term in hip hop culture and sports highlights. Ballin has also forked off as different definitions, including "succeeding" and "using drugs."

The term is still prominent in sports today, with it being used in sportscasts, highlights, and at your neighborhood park. For example, if someone makes five three-point shots in a row playing basketball, they are ballin. Or, if a guy breaks four tackles for a TD, they are ballin.

Since "ballin" is short for "balling," it technically should be "ballin'." However, "ballin" is cooler.


Did you see Dominic tear up the defense last night?
Yeah, that beast is ballin!

Some fellas ballin

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Updated November 16, 2021

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