Tune Up

What does tune up mean?

Beat up

When someone uses tune up in place of "beat up" or "beating," they are implying that violence can change a victim's future conduct. In this way, the victim is being "tuned up" like a machine, so they'll function correctly going forward.

For example, an abusive boyfriend may say he is going to tune up his girlfriend later, if she has done something that provokes his ire. Or, a police officer's use of excessive force against a suspect may be described as a tune up.

Where is tune up used?

Tune up is used primarily in the United States, by those who are often involved in physical altercations. You may encounter this phrase on social media, in forums, or while chatting online. As you've likely already discerned, tune up is a rather crass way to describe violence, and you probably should not use it yourself.


I told him if he didn't change his attitude I'd give him a tune up right there

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Updated June 3, 2021

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