What does vawulence mean?


On social media and forums, vawulence is a stand-in for the word "violence." It is an example of algospeak, which is slang created and used to bypass a social media platform's automated content filters.

Nigerians coined the term vawulence, to bypass Facebook's blacklisting of posts and comments that included the word violence. While vawulence is still used primarily by Nigerians, it has become a part of other people's slang lexicons. For example, vawulence is now often used in place of the word violence in various memes, many of which feature Pepe the Frog endorsing vawulence.


I'm about to enact vawulence on this man
... dude, you need to chill
A use of vawulence on Twitter
A use of vawulence on Twitter

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Updated April 20, 2023

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