Turn Two

1. What does turn two mean?

To record a double play

A baseball phrase that refers to achieving a double play, which is when two outs are recorded on the same play; commonly used by fielders letting each other know to go for the double play if possible; may also appear as "turning two."


They just barely turn two to get out of the bases loaded jam and win by 1 run

Double play recorded during a baseball game

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Updated April 27, 2016
2. What does turn two mean?

To work hard on a job

Turn two is a slang term for when a person starts working hard on a job. The increase in effort may be to make up work or respond to an emergency situation.

The phrase is typically used around manual labor jobs, such as a construction site or power plant. It is often said to workers that are being lazy and need to speed up their production.


We need to turn two in order to get these shipments out!

These guys definitely know how to turn two

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Updated December 5, 2017

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