What does TWIT stand for?

That's what I thought

When you confirm your assumption is correct, you might send "TWIT," which stands for "that's what I thought." Most people use it as a one-word response or part of a sentence when texting or messaging online.

People typically send TWIT to plainly communicate that what they thought was proven correct. So, for example, if your friend confirms that Brad did break up with Jennifer, which is what you thought, you might send them "TWIT."

However, some people may use it as a "mic drop" statement after insulting someone or saying something shocking that leaves the recipient speechless. For example, you might send "TWIT" after your bf doesn't respond to your allegations that he cheated on you.

Be aware that "twit" is slang for a foolish person, and the recipient may believe that you are insulting them.


We don't have class next Thursday or Friday
TWIT, thanks

When your assumptions are proven true

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Updated November 9, 2021

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