What does ATTT stand for?

Ain't that the truth

When you wholeheartedly agree with something a person says, you can send them "ATTT," which stands for "ain't that the truth." People typically send it in text messages or online, like on social media, when gaming, or in a web forum.

How do I use ATTT?

You can use ATTT whenever you want to agree with something a person says, like a political opinion or observation about a sports team. Or they may be expressing excitement for a future event and you want to share in that anticipation.

Also, it should only be used in casual situations, like with friends or family members. And since the acronym is obscure it will most likely confuse people if they are not slang-savvy.


She needs to learn how to spend her money better
Steve Harvey knows about ATTT
Steve Harvey knows about ATTT

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Updated May 11, 2021

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