What does WDYT stand for?

What do you think

People use WDYT (what do you think) to ask for others' opinions. For example, your friends, family, and coworkers might send this acronym when they want your perspective or advice. You might also encounter WDYT in forums and social media posts, in which users are looking for feedback.

Often, it's nice to be gentle with your feedback when people ask "WDYT?" In those cases, you may want to preface your opinion with IMHO or JMO. However, when someone asks WYT about a truly terrible idea, you may have to be a bit harsher...


I'm thinking about quitting my job and opening a bakery. WDYT?
I think your baking is awful and that's an awful idea
... well, thanks for your opinion
A use of WDYT on Reddit
A use of WDYT on Reddit

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Updated November 11, 2022

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