What does IDT stand for?

I don't think

You can start all sorts of sentences with IDT (I don't think). Some examples include:

  • IDT Veronica is coming to your party; she hates you.
  • IDT we're right for each other; let's break up.
  • IDT you're qualified for that job; don't apply.

However, while using IDT in place of "I don't think" will save you some characters, it might make your statement less understandable. So in many cases (like, some would argue, the examples above), you're likely better off starting your sentence with the fully-spelled-out version of "I don't think," to make sure you get your point across.


IDT this definition is very good. Try harder

No, really - IDT means "I don't think"

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Updated June 7, 2022

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