What does twitler mean?

An overbearing Twitter user

Twitler is a term for a Twitter user that is on the social site too much and spreads lies to manipulate people. The term was created by opponents of Donald Trump who think that he is using Twitter to build up his ego and lie to the public.

The term combines "Twitter" and "Hitler," which is the name of the Nazi leader who used propaganda to rise to power. The term is primarily used on Twitter to refer to Trump (@realDonaldTrump or @POTUS) to defy him and make him mad. It is also commonly seen preceded with a hashtag (#).


Oh no, twitler is at it again, tweeting at 4am about TV ratings for the Apprentice
Twitler image posted on reddit by xathmost
Twitler image posted on reddit by xathmost

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Updated March 8, 2017

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