Twitter Canoe

What is a Twitter canoe?

Bloated Twitter conversation with 3 or more users

A Twitter canoe is a conversation between two people on Twitter that grows to a bloated state when other users begin inserting themselves into the conversation. Lindsey Weber of The Vulture coined the term back in 2012.

Twitter canoes are typically a negative occurrence because too many voices enter the conversation, diluting the original thread's content and causing chaos. Each user has a metaphorical paddle to propel and steer the canoe in different directions and rarely do they "paddle" productively in the same direction. When conflicting voices derail a Twitter canoe convo, you could say they "capsize" the canoe.

Canoe topics are typically controversial, which is why so many people get involved. Examples of topics include politics, religion, and GOATs in sports and pop culture. In addition, people may turn to DMs to hold private conversations where peering eyes cannot interfere to combat Twitter canoes.


That thread became a Twitter canoe in 10 minutes so I bailed out
Tweet comparing an event to a Twitter canoe
Tweet comparing an event to a Twitter canoe

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Updated May 23, 2022

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