What does GDI stand for?

God d*** it


Angry and/or excited netizens use GDI to mean "God d*** it." You may also receive this acronym in text or chat messages, sent by friends, family members, or co-workers who are either big mad or mega hyped.

Context should make it clear whether someone is using GDI to mean "this sucks" or "heck yeah." For example, a co-worker who sends you "GDI, I can't believe we have to work Saturday" is likely using GDI in its original, condemnatory sense. However, a Twitter user who posts "GDI I can't wait for deer season" is likely fist-punching in anticipation of hunting some deer.


GDI, the new Spider-Man movie was fantastic! U have 2 c it
GDI means "God d*** it"
GDI means "God d*** it"

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Updated January 28, 2022

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