What does TWSS stand for online and in messages?

That's what she said

TWSS stands for "That's what she said" and is a quick way to say that another person (female) had already said the same thing. People may also use it as a joke about something sexual, like Michael Scott from the TV show The Office uses it.

You will likely see TWSS in messages online, emails, and texts. People may also caption an image or meme they share on social media with "TWSS."

While not as common, some people use TWHS as the male variation of TWSS. For example, if your friend said the same thing your brother said, you might say to your friend, "Crazy! TWHS!" People may also use TWIS.


You guys should really take a vacation sometime
Yeah, TWSS

Michael Scott and TWSS

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Updated February 6, 2023

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