1. What does LFTD stand for in workplaces?

Left for the day

Someone who sent you LFTD has "left for the day." You're most likely to receive this acronym in a message sent by a co-worker who has clocked out and left your workplace. Whatever you wanted that co-worker to do, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Your co-workers may send you LFTD in chat, email, or text messages, when you ask them whether they're around and can complete a task. You may also encounter LFTD in your co-workers' Away messages, if they set one before leaving early for the day.


Alex, can you hop on a call with me at 4?
Sorry, LFTD because my kids got sick at daycare. Hoping to be back in tomorrow
No worries, hope they feel better!

A man who has LFTD (and maybe longer)

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Updated January 3, 2023
2. What is an LFTD?

Laugh for the day

LFTD is the "laugh for the day," which may refer to a daily joke or something funny that happens during the day. For example, you may text your buddy that you got your LFTD when someone tried to buy a car with a goat.

You will likely see LFTD online in messages, emails, and social media. For example, your friend may share a funny video of a fail on Facebook with the caption, "LFTD. Enjoy!"

Or, you might see LFTD in a text message. For example, you might respond to your brother's embarrassing text confession with, "I needed that. Thanks for the LFTD!"


Did you see that crazy video? That was definitely my LFTD
IKR? I almost peed my pants!

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Updated October 17, 2022

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