What does TYFP mean in online gaming?

Thank you for party

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) and other MMORPG players use TYFP to stand for "thank you for party." This acronym is most often used at the end of a quest or mission, to thank the players in a party for a successful (or at least enjoyable) outing.

Wait, back up. What's a party?

In RPGs, a party is a group of characters who join together to set out on an adventure. Often, this involves exploring a dungeon, fighting a monster, or helping an NPC. In FFXIV, players typically form parties by inviting players from their friend list or chat log to join a party. Players can also invite other players they can see in-game to their party.

How should I respond to TYFP?

If someone thanks you for being part of their party, the easiest response is likely a simple "TY U2." If you enjoyed adventuring with the player and are not yet friends with them, you may want to follow up by adding the player to your friend list.


TYFP! We'll get that dragon next time
If you're telling YouTube TYFP, you're playing too much FFXIV
If you're telling YouTube TYFP, you're playing too much FFXIV

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Updated July 14, 2021

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