What does LFP mean in online gaming?

Looking for party

When an MMORPG player says they're LFP, it means they're "looking for party." These players want to join or assemble a group of other players and set out on an adventure.

Why do players form parties?

Players typically form parties to complete quests or missions that are too hard to complete alone. For example, WoW and FFXIV players may say they are LFP when they want to complete a particularly challenging dungeon.

How do I invite a player to my party?

Party invite systems differ from game to game. However, you can usually invite another player to your party by right-clicking on the player in-game and clicking Invite to Party, or by adding the player as a friend and inviting them via your friend list. If you're having trouble inviting a player to a party, you may want to have that player form the party and invite you instead.


LFP to complete the Red Dragon quest. Anyone interested?
A FFXIV player attempting to create a better LFP system
A FFXIV player attempting to create a better LFP system

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Updated July 14, 2021

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