What does undroppable mean in fantasy leagues?

A player who cannot be dropped from a fantasy team

Undroppable is a term used in fantasy sports to describe a player who cannot be dropped from a team. The player is deemed too good to be dropped from a team unless he is injured and lost for the season (placed on IR).

The undroppable label is meant to keep leagues competitive and prevent owners from conspiring with other teams by dropping players for other teams to pick up. The rule is meant to maintain the integrity of the league. If a player loses a lot of value through injury or poor play he will be removed from undroppable status.


I tried to drop Murray but he is an undroppable right now so he'll have to take up a roster spot for the next week
Or you can trade him to me. ;-)
Two players that are considered undroppable
Two players that are considered undroppable

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Updated November 30, 2016

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