What is uno short for in messages and online?

You know

Besides being the name of a popular card game (UNO), "uno" is also an abbreviation for "you know." For example, you may message your friend, "uno wut i mean, right?" when trying to clarify that you didn't mean to describe them as ugly.

Most people use uno in messages, whether online or in texts, but they may also use the abbreviation on social media. For example, when posting a conspiracy theory on Twitter, a person may say, "uno this is all a massive cover-up by the government, right?" Or, you may text your gf, "uno i luv u, bb" to reassure her of your devotion before bed.


uno I don't like to go to parties
yea, but we can leave whenever. how bout 1 hour?

uno what "uno" means, right?

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Updated June 27, 2023

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