What does UOME stand for?

You owe me

When your friend still owes you money or a favor, you may send them "UOME," which is the opposite of "IOU." It is typically used online and in texts and emails.

Who uses UOME?

People who are cashing in on a favor or looking to collect a debt may use UOME to get the point across to the recipient. However, it may confuse non-slang-savvy people that don't know that it's a variation of IOU, which is universally understood.

Situations where you would use UOME

You may send it to your brother after he receives his paycheck to ask to be paid back for buying dinner the previous week. Or, you may text it to your girlfriend to try to force her to go clubbing with you. Also, you should probably only send the acronym to friends since more formal acquaintances may classify it as rude.


Well, if you lost my sweatshirt, then UOME a new one!

UOME a Coke

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Updated March 16, 2021

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