What does YOMANK stand for in online chat?

You owe me a new keyboard

Most often, chatters use YOMANK as a synonym for LOL. This acronym connotes that whatever humorous message you sent, it made the recipient laugh so hard that they spit out whatever they were drinking, ruining their keyboard.

Typically, people don't use YOMANK literally. So if someone sends you YOMANK, it's unlikely that they actually ruined their keyboard, or that they expect you to buy them a new one. However, YOMANK is a good reminder that you might not want to eat or drink near your computer ...


That was so hilarious, I spit out my coffee. YOMANK!
Happy to make you laugh; definitely not buying you a new keyboard

In this case, the guy might actually be owed a new keyboard

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Updated July 31, 2023

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