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What does villain era mean?

Putting yourself first

Those entering their "villain era" have decided to stop being nice and start getting theirs. Most people's villain eras are marked simply by them being more assertive and less of a pushover (not really that villainous). However, some people's villain eras are a bit more intense, and involve lying, stealing, and taking revenge on those who have wronged them.

The concept of villain eras and villain mode began permeating social media and the public consciousness in 2022. The origin of this turn toward "villainy" may be a scene from the show Euphoria, in which character Cassie Howard proclaims, "Well, if that makes me a villain, then so be it. I can play the villain," while ruining her sister Lexi's play. Or, the concept of a villain era may have arisen from the many "villainy-endorsing" songs released in 2022, including Witchz "Villain Mode" and Taylor Swift's "Vigilante Sh*t."

Whatever its origins, the term villain era seems to be most popular among women who have decided to stop caring about pleasing others. Men may also say they're entering their villain era, but are more likely to use the phrase in instances in which they're just being a douche.


2023's gonna be the start of my villain era; I'm not bending over backward for y'all anymore
A Twitter user entering their villain era
A Twitter user entering their villain era

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Updated January 13, 2023

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