What is a VTuber?

Virtual YouTuber

A VTuber is a YouTuber whose videos feature a digital avatar rather than their IRL selves. These avatars usually look like 2D or 3D anime characters, whose motions are mapped to the real YouTuber's motions using motion capture technology.

Origin of VTuber

Kizuna AI, a VTuber created by the Japanese company Activ8 and voiced by Nozomi Kasuga, coined the phrase virtual YouTuber in 2016. As virtual YouTubers became more common and popular in the late 2010s and early 2020s, they and their fans shortened virtual YouTuber to VTuber.

Popular VTubers

Thanks in part to the Covid pandemic, many VTubers became quite popular in the early 2020s. Some popular VTubers include:

  • Pekora Ch.
  • Ironmouse
  • Koyori Ch.
  • Kuzuha Channel


I think if I became a YouTuber I'd be a VTuber
You get to hide your face, which seems nice if you get popular
An aspiring VTuber looking for tips
An aspiring VTuber looking for tips

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Updated August 31, 2023

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