What is dono short for?


On Twitch, dono is short for "donation." Streamers might ask for a dono while they're streaming, in hopes that viewers who enjoy their channel will toss a little money their way.

Most often, Twitch users donate to their favorite streamers using the Bits system. Users can buy Bits on Twitch and then gift them to streamers, performing what is known as a Cheer. For every 100 Bits a streamer receives, they earn $1 from Twitch, providing them with financial incentive to continue streaming.

Some Twitch streamers offer alternate, unofficial dono methods, such as PayPal, Patreon, and Ko-fi. Many also create donation-related goals that viewers can unlock by donating Bits or money during a stream. For example, a streamer might reward their viewers with a 24-hour stream after receiving a certain amount of donos.


If you guys wanna toss me a dono, just click the link below the stream

A Twitch streamer receiving a large dono

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Updated November 11, 2020

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