What does WAR stand for?

Wins Above Replacement

A baseball statistic created to measure the total impact a player has on his team.

The stat is intended to look at how valuable a player is to his team by looking at how many wins he helps his team earn over how many wins the team would have with a replacement level player. Also, WAR is calculated differently for position players and pitchers. For position players, WAR consists of combining the amount of batting runs, base running runs, and fielding runs above average. Then you add in a positional adjustment, an adjustment for their league, and add replacement runs. You then take that total and divide it by the runs per win number of that season. For pitchers, it's a little more complicated, but at the most basic level consists of runs allowed and innings pitched.


Based on his WAR, I think Jeter is overrated
You can't just base a guy's career off of one stat!

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Updated October 31, 2014

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