What is watev short for?


"Watev" comes from the spoken slang, "Whatev" which is short for "whatever." Most people, often teenagers, use it to give a response that is neither positive nor negative.

You will hear it spoken out loud, but you may also see it when texting or online when messaging or scrolling on social media. Some other variations of "whatever" include "weva," "watevs," "whatevs," and "wtv."

The term is popular among lethargic, indecisive, and laid-back people who struggle or choose not to give a definitive answer on things. Examples of when you may use it include when being asked what you want to eat, what movie you'd like to see, and what you'd like to do for fun tomorrow night.


Watev, I didn't really feel like going to the game anyway

Caring is so exhausting

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Updated October 18, 2021

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